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The Curious Evolution of Jennifer K. Oliver

A stroll through the mindfields

Jennifer K. Oliver
Hello! Welcome...

A lot of my blog posts are about writing and reading, with a little web design and a smattering of everyday life thrown into the mix. I also post about TV, movies, gaming and music. I co-run a writing group and may sometimes share discussion topics or flash fiction.

If you don't have a LJ, you can comment using OpenID, Facebook or Twitter. If you're looking for something specific, check out the tags. I'm friendly and open to visitors, so please do come and say hi if you want!

On the subject of friending: go for it, you don't have to ask first. My reading list depends on how much time I have, how much we have in common, and what we have in common. It's not personal if I don't reciprocate. Also, feel free to de-friend at will - no worries or hard feelings.

I sometimes blog at Storyslingers.

I make websites at J. Oliver Designs. I'm particularly interested in designing sites and branding for writers, so drop me a line if you're interested.

And I write short audiobook reviews for Trucking Magazine (UK).

Available Short Fiction

"The Machinists' Boy," in Youth Imagination Magazine, August 2016. Science fiction horror about two young boys crash landed on a wasteland planet who find out they are not alone. 4,200 words.

"Shuffle," in Kaleidotrope, June 2015. Post-apocalyptic horror about a dead thing that reclaims its life and realises perhaps death is better. 3,300 words.

"Death Car Alley," in Jersey Devil Press issue 27, February 2012. Speculative, dark fantasy with hints of a monster-apocalypse and a dash of tongue-in-cheek. 3,900 words.

"Dust City," (forthcoming) from Darwin's Evolutions, TBA. Dark, urban fantasy, with elements of mild horror. Includes stunning cover art by Karl A. Nordman. 10,900 words.

Micro Fiction

"The Clockmaker's Heart," @Nanoism, December 2012. Bittersweet and steampunky, in 140 characters.

"Robogrrrl," @onefortyfiction, March 2012. Sci-fi, light-hearted.

"Grey Matter," @onefortyfiction, August 2011. Twitter fic. Contains zombies.

"The Thinning," in 50 Word Stories, December 2012. Ghost story.

"Patio," @trapezemag, October 2011. Tongue-in-cheek horror.

Social Networking

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My primary journal is on Dreamwidth here. All entries are mirrored on this LJ.
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